Pam siow review – complaint for Pam siow internet seminar

12 Sep

Pam siow review of internet seminars?

Anyone have been conned by Pam siow scam? My friend and his wife attended the seminar at the hotel and over 100 people in the room but not enough helpers to assist the students at all. Finally wasted their time and some students just left the training before the day was over.

Don’t be tempted with just the free internet seminar preview in Singapore and Malaysia after which you will need to attend her Easy Business Secrets seminar for RM2,500+, then go to another Inner Circle internet workshop for ANOTHER price.

Cheap seminar? Not really considering that 1 class about 100 people x 2500 so how does Pam Siow make money? Moreover, the company name has been changed MANY times before so is it due to too many complaints of Pam Siow internet training?

On youtube you can even see her real face, testimonial she gave after Fabian lim class so means just after learning from 1 internet seminar, she can start her class. Then all the 100 people in the class also can start an internet seminar. If anybody who just make a few thousand dollar online can become guru, then all the ebay powersellers are already online gurus.

If you have also been conned by Pam Siow internet seminar, please share your story here as we need to warn the other people.

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